About Us


HUMMINGBYRD is a group of active, adventurous women seeking opportunities to feel limitless. Our ethos is modeled after the hummingbird itself, known for its speed, agility, stamina and movement, capable of flying forward, backward, and even upside down. Wearing a HUMMINGBYRD bra enables our customers to capture the spirit of this unique bird - outfitting them for the wildest adventures that lie ahead - and empowering them to feel safe while doing so.

Safety is a major concern for women when searching for that limitless, hands-free experience. Therefore, we are disrupting the sports bra industry by reimagining the use case for sports bras. We offer the first-ever, invisible front horizontal zipper pocket that can fit a smartphone, keys, cards - removing both the physical and mental hindrances that keep us from performing our best. Our bra features are specifically designed to provide security, comfort, and item accessibility to allow for more doing. #RUNWITHHUMM